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Temps taken at Grocery Stores

Updated: Jun 10, 2020

Life in the Quarantine Zone: At three supermarkets in Ostia, #Italy, shoppers' temperatures are being taken when they walk through the door.

All employees are equipped with gloves and masks and protective glasses. And after each customer pays, the conveyor belt is disinfected.

So far, no customers have registered as having an elevated temperature. Let's pray that it stays that way! 

This isn’t happening in Rome yet, but here’s a video we made sharing a sample of what grocery shopping is like in Italy, complete with plastic screens to separate the clerk from the customers.

Our trip to the grocery store ended up in an interview with a German news network. Might as well, we were standing in line in front of the store for so long! They wanted to know how the Lockdown was hitting us - financially and emotionally.

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