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Faithtulness In All Things.


Your FIAT is an action plan for how you will take TBP to heart—and back home with you.


People transform when they discover the roots of Christianity and their Christian identity in Rome. The Eternal City is a living classroom and the people who have gone before us have left a legacy of faith, Truth, and Beauty. 

How will you allow that legacy to change you?

How can you contribute to that legacy in your own small but significant way?

Image by Chad Greiter

What is FIAT?

Your FIAT is a working plan which you create to share the virtues of Truth and Beauty back home after the experience. Your plan will help give your Young Adult Immersion a special focus that is important to you. Your FIAT can be very personal and add to the long-term value of your investment of time and heart in a TBP YA Immersion. 

The aim of your FIAT is to think creatively about where you see a gap or an opportunity to bring a little more Truth and Beauty into your life, neighborhood, work, school, or society. We will help you shape your FIAT plan as it evolves.


Our goal for your week in Rome is transformation that continues throughout your life. This is another thing that makes TBP special. We are looking for young adults who are seeking that transformation, who want to be equipped to take what they gain in Rome and carry it forward. The Truth & Beauty experience is not meant to stay in Rome, but to go out, as the faith originally did—to the ends of the earth. A person who experiences this transformation then can become a beacon in his or her own community, family, place of work or study, or church. 

Image by Gabriella Clare Marino

Sample Fiat Projects 

Image by Gabriella Clare Marino
  • plan a monthly get-together with friends on topics that touch on Truth and Beauty 

  • design a lesson plan or lecture series on a theme of Truth and Beauty for a local school

  • create a work of art or a series of art projects that demonstrate Truth and Beauty 

  • put your awesome photos to good use and offer to give a talk to your local parish about your Truth & Beauty Project Immersion in Rome

  • create and share a video that celebrates Truth and Beauty

  • write an article or blog about Truth and Beauty 

  • teach others a skill you have that somehow augments Truth and Beauty

  • create a social media campaign to share Truth and Beauty

FIAT Mentors

Dedicated mentors  help our Truth & Beauty Project Fellows with their FIAT and provide a sounding board, guidance, encouragement, and prayer.

Image by Jo Szczepanska
Image by Jon Tyson

What our mentors provide

They commit one hour of online mentorship per month for a period of one year. Mentors help TBP Fellows shape their plans, assess their progress, keep aligned with TBP mission, and work through challenges. 

What our fellows provide

They commit to preparing for their monthly session with their mentor by providing questions and highlights in advance. 

Image by Octavian Dan
Image by Clayton Robbins

Measuring success

FIAT is a concrete way to help the Fellows own and share their transformation. Their success and fulfillment is the goal of the TBP Immersions! As such, their success is TBP’s success. We want to be able to share these stories of transformation and impact with other young adults and those who support our program with scholarships. This is the Truth & Beauty ripple effect that we believe can change the culture.

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