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Mentorship Guide

Inspiring TBP Fellows to soar! 

Fists in Solidarity

TBP Mentorship in a nutshell


The TBP Mentorship Program asks each TBP Mentor to serve as an accountability partner to the Fellow, providing guidance and encouragement on the FIAT journey.


The FIAT is the post-Immersion sustained development plan that includes continued personal growth, as well as a project to spread the ripple effect by injecting virtue in their world back home. 


A “Fellow” is a young adult between 18 and 30, who has experienced a TBP Immersion in Rome. 

What is the role of the TBP Mentor?

The life and faith transformation of the Truth & Beauty Project doesn't stop when the Fellows leave Rome. In fact, that's only the beginning of a life-long process. The TBP Mentor helps the TBP Fellow along the path of continued transformation to:

  • fulfill the FIAT plan

  • personally grow in virtue

  • live intentionally with excellence in all things

  • strive for magnanimity

  • be a leader 

  • pay their learnings in Rome forward and spread a ripple effect of goodness 


The role of the TBP Mentor is to guide, advise, and hold the TBP Fellows accountable in implementing the two aspects of the FIAT plan. The mentor commits for a minimum of six months and shares wisdom, ideas, and expertise.


A TBP Mentor is not expected to have expertise in psychology, or background as a professional counselor, or life coach. The role is to simply act as an accountability partner, guide, and encourager. 


How is the FIAT Plan Developed?

There are 3 stages of FIAT development:


The TBP Fellows first read about the FIAT on this website, where the FIAT concept and purpose are described. At that point, they begin to imagine what their personal FIAT might look like. 


As part of the multi-phase application process, they complete a document called “My FIAT Planner” which helps them give shape to their FIAT project (even if they change it later, after they learn so much during the TBP Immersion experience in Rome). 

During the Immersion 

In Rome, in the “Leadership” portion of the Immersion, we help the Fellows discern the 3 Ss: Strengths, Struggles, and Strategies to help them grow in their strengths and overcome their challenges. 


We also lead them in a workshop dedicated to nurturing their FIAT projects. In the workshop we brainstorm, discuss any questions, explain the role of the TBP mentor and emphasize the special opportunity the Fellows have to be paired with accomplished TBP Mentors, who are generously offering their time and dedication to support the Fellows’ growth. 


Over a period of 6 months, mentors initiate speaking (30-min call) at least monthly (it can be more often, if preferred) with the Fellow, to help the Fellow develop the FIAT project and continue the transformation and growth they began in Rome (1 Thess 4:1-2). 


As in Luke 8:6-15, in the parable of the sower, we don't want the good seeds that were sown during a TBP Immersion in Rome to be “choked by rocks and thorns’ of the anxieties and challenges of the world,” but to be deeply rooted in rich soil and “bear fruit [100-fold] through perseverance,” so they will be lights that shine forth the joy of Christ. 

What are the deliverables of the FIAT?

These are two simple forms to fill out with your Fellow at the beginning and end of the mentorship.

  1. Call #1 deliverable: “Goals for the FIAT” 

  2. Call #6 deliverable: “FIAT Conclusion

Mentor Time Commitment

We propose TBP Mentors meet with their Fellows for a minimum of 30 minutes, at least once a month for at least 6 months after the Immersion. However, feel free to allow the mentoring relationship to develop naturally.

Examples of FIATs 

FIAT projects are significantly different from one Fellow to another. Here are a few examples:

  • a regular monthly get-together with friends on topics that promote virtuous living 

  • a Bible study or discussions at a home or in a church sharing the tools of interpreting and personalizing Scripture, learned in Rome

  • Creating an app on the important spiritual sites in Poland

  • opening a coffee shop promoting Christian living staffed by disabled employees

  • a work of art or a series of art projects that demonstrate the beauty of Scripture 

  • a talk at a local church about a Fellow’s Truth & Beauty Project Immersion experience in Rome

  • a series of articles about how the Fellow is making life a Masterpiece 

  • teaching others a skill that builds leadership skills

  • creating a social media campaign to share the beauty of Truth

  • intentionally creating occasions to offer hospitality to others 

  • blogging about using the senses to detect the movements of the Spirit


We include a FIAT Feature in our monthly newsletter, The Scoop, and post stories of our Fellows’ successes on our blog. You can find them here.

Timeline: The 5 Steps of TBP Mentorship

Below is a step-by-step guide for a timeline for connecting with your Fellow. We provide you with three tools to facilitate this process:

Step 1: Initiate contact and Prayer Promise

Upon receiving this Guide, please send a “hello” email and/or What’s App to your Fellow, introducing yourself. We suggest also including a short bio. You can “get to know” a bit about your Fellow here: In this introduction, tell your Fellow you are specially praying (and/or doing a simple fast) during the Immersion. We suggest asking other family members, friends, and groups to join in prayer for your Fellow, the Immersion, and the entire family of TBP Mentors and Fellows.


Step 2: Plan your calls

Within 7 days of the end of the Immersion, reach out to your Fellow to set up your 6 TBP mentoring calls (ideally via webconferencing). Calls are 30 minutes, although you may determine that your Fellow needs more support, especially at the beginning phase. You should initiate the date and time of the calls (for example: “on the first Thursday of each month at 3 pm”). 


In each call, focus on your Fellow’s progress, encourage your Fellow in fulfilling the FIAT plan, and answer any questions. We suggest starting each call by invoking the Holy Spirit in prayer. 


At the end of each call, remind your Fellow to send you the “Fellow’s Monthly Growth” doc a week before your next call. This document will help you both prepare for a fruitful call.

Step 3: The first call—Setting Goals

Your first call is a chance to hear about your Fellow’s experience and growth in Rome and how the details of the FIAT plan are coming into clearer focus after the Rome Immersion. During the first call, Mentor and Fellow should together complete the online form called “Goals for the FIAT.” 

Step 4: The last call—FIAT Conclusion

This call marks the end of the six-month journey. During this call, together with your Fellow, please complete the online form called “FIAT Conclusion.”

Step 5: Join us for a celebration webinar where our 2024 TBP Fellows and Mentors will share their FIAT journeys!


Special notes

If you have trouble connecting with your Fellow, feel free to reach out to TBP Associate Director, Gina Pribaz for help:


After the six months are over, if you discern you’d like to continue the mentorship relationship, feel free to do so. 


Please continue to pray for your Fellow and the mission of the Truth & Beauty Project.

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