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  • What is the Truth & Beauty Immersion experience?
    Custom-Made Immersions: Offered throughout the year for people of all ages, these Immersions can be designed for between three days to six weeks. Our most common package is the week-long Immersion. These Immersions use an exclusive multidisciplinary design for a spiritual, intellectual and personal experience, while surrounded by the exquisite beauty of Rome with talks from experts on theology, philosophy, history, culture, and art that touches the whole human person with sessions devoted to successful living, health, and physical well-being including dedicated times for prayer, Sacraments offering individual spiritual direction that connects scripture to the world around you as you learn to live the liturgy In one week, your life and faith will be changed Each Immersion is designed with a theme or focus that fits the needs of that group - we've served CEOs, professional association members, parish staff, VIPS, donor groups, priests, seminarians, friends, families and more. Young Adult Immersions: This week-long Young Adult Immersion program in Rome nurtures participants between 18 - 30 with a special formation experience - spiritual, intellectual and personal - while surrounded by the exquisite beauty of Rome. Our Immersions empower participants to make their lives a masterpiece! The program shares Rome and the faith through the arts and scripture, helping participants truly understand their Christian roots, what it means to live an intentional Christian life, how to peel away the layers and use your senses to detect the movements of the Lord around you, to connect scripture to the world around you, to live the liturgy, to integrate faith and virtue into real life and to spread Truth & Beauty to the world.
  • What will I gain from the Immersion experience?
    You'll be inspired by the living classroom of Rome and see it come to life, as you learn to make your life a masterpiece through formation in intentional living, virtue, art, scripture, living liturgically, Church history, Roman history, and theology, all while living just minutes from St. Peter's Basilica. The Immersions strive to answer the question, "what does it mean to live an intentional Christian life today?" and "how can I do that with joy and courage in a difficult world?"
  • What does a typical Immersion day look like?
    Each day is different and starts and ends at different times. Here's a sample itinerary that contains some of the main daily elements: 7.30 am Mass 8.00 Breakfast at your hotel 9.00 Morning prayer and Scripture 9.15 A walk of Rome to experience the art, architecture, history, and beauty of Rome 12.00 Pause for Truth & Beauty Prayer 1.00 Community lunch with speaker or presentation and discussion 2.15 Themed discussion, walking experience, or event 5.00 Closing and intercessory prayer Evening is free for you to explore Rome and digest the day.
  • When will the next Immersion be?
    Custom-Made Immersions for everyone: You can DIY your own Immersion. Simply get together a group (between 6 and 20 people) of any age and we can design a special Immersion, just for you, at any time of the year. Young Adult Immersions (for ages 18 - 30): Subscribe to know when we're offering scholarships and special themed Immersions next. Click here and subscribe
  • Are there any prerequisites?
    There's no particular level of learning or advanced knowledge required. Immersions are customized for the interests of each group. The only prereq is to bring along a spirit of joy and openness.
  • Where will I stay?
    Custom Immersions: You are free to find the accommodation that suits your needs. We recommend being near St. Peter's Basilica and have a list of suggested locations. Young Adults: You'll have the chance to stay within a stone's throw of St. Peter's Basilica. This is included in the Young Adult Immersion tuition.
  • What's the cost?
    Young Adult Immersions: The fee for a week Truth & Beauty Project Immersion includes art & architecture walks and talks, formation experiences, hotel room (with roommate/s), city tourist tax, community lunches, life-skill trainings, transport in Rome during Immersion activities, talks, church and priest stipends, and all art, architecture, scripture and liturgy modules. The total is 2,500 euro. This does not include airfare, transfer to/from airport or personal expenses. Young Adults can apply for full or partial scholarships to cover or defray this cost. We are grateful to TBP benefactors who make this possible.! Custom-Made Immersions: Daily rate (minimum of three days) = 300 Euro/person For example, the rate for 7 days = 2100 Euro/person This includes all of your art & architecture walks and talks, formation experiences, lunches, life-skill trainings, transfers in Rome during Immersion activities, talks, Mass stipends, and all art, architecture, scripture and liturgy modules. Lodging and airfare are separate costs, on your own. We supply hotel recommendations (ranging from convents to 5-star) near St. Peter's Basilica and are happy to help you book.
  • What additional costs am I responsible for?
    - Your flight to and from Rome - Your transfer to and from the airport - Some meals on your own - Health and Travel insurance - Your transportation costs within the city, outside of the Immersion hours - Any additional Museums that you chose to visit - Custom-made Immersions also take care of lodging expenses on their own. Lodging is included for Young Adult Immersions.
  • Who runs the Truth & Beauty Project?
    Click here to meet the founders, John & Ashley Noronha.
  • What made you want to start the Truth & Beauty Project?
    This is a long, beautiful story and we’ll explain more when you arrive. In the meantime, you can read a bit of our history here.
  • How can I purchase health & travel insurance?
    It's always a great idea to have your trip and health insured, just in case. Contact your local agent or contact our agent of record, Nora Puglia, at Perfect Impressions Travel at or +1 217.793.3733 If you have private medical insurance in your home country, you should contact the agency and let them know that you'll be in Italy for a period and gather information about procedures for using the policy while out of the country. Also, we advise you to look into your home-owners' insurance to see if it covers your belongings and equipment while traveling.
  • How should I pack?
    Click here for the latest weather in Rome. To beat the heat of a Roman summer, bring a sun hat, bathing suit, sunscreen, sun umbrella with UV coating, and water bottle. When entering churches, it is required to cover your shoulders and knees out of respect for these places of worship. If it's hot and you'd like to wear shorts or a sleeveless top, we recommend bringing along 2 scarves, which you can wrap around your shoulders and waist when entering a church. Bring comfortable, broken-in walking shoes. There are no formal events during the Immersion, but we do recommend dressing in a business casual style for the daily events. Also, consider that you may want to bring more dressy outfits for dinners on your own. Consider that your outfits should reflect that you are an ambassador of Christ. For rain, bring waterproof shoes. If you don't bring an umbrella it's easy to buy umbrellas and rain ponchos on the street. For summer Immersions, bring beach wear. Also, bring along earbuds.
  • Is there a dress code?
    Not per se, but we say that your choice of clothing should always reflect the fact that as a TBP Fellow you are an ambassador of Christ. John and Ashley dress business casual. It bears repeating that some churches require visitors to cover shoulders and knees, so one strategy is to pack a light scarf or two that can be used as a shawl or wrapped around the waist.
  • How much walking will I do?
    Rome is a very walkable city and the best way to experience it is to wander the streets on foot. Your Immersion will include daily walking itineraries for several hours in various parts of the city. So bring your comfortable, broken-in shoes and be ready to enjoy! Public transportation is also easily available in Rome.
  • What else might I like to plan to see in Rome on my free time?
    Some places we will not be visiting during the Immersion that you might enjoy (advance tickets required): Tours inside the Colosseum The Vatican Museums Galleria Borghese Ideas for evening adventures after TBP winds up for the day (no tickets needed): A walk through Villa Borghese Piazza Garibaldi for the best view of the city and sunset Evening vespers at Santa Maria in Trastevere
  • When is payment due?
    Payment is due 60 days before the Immersion begins.
  • IMPORTANT Passport and visa information
    Make sure your passport is valid until at least 6 months AFTER your return date or it will not be accepted at Immigration. Click here for information on which countries do and don't need visas to enter Italy:
  • What's the electric voltage in Italy?
    It's helpful to read the below article about the electricity in Italy in order to understand if you will need a power adapter and/or converter to power your electrical appliances. Adaptors are easy to find here and inexpensive. Converters are more difficult to find. Note that voltage is different for hair implements (curling irons, etc), so it’s best to buy hair implements in Rome. Voltage differences will not effect cell phones and computers.
  • How can I get cell service in Italy?
    If you'd like data service while traveling, we recommend that you call your cell-phone provider in advance to find out about the international plans they offer. Having data is very convenient for finding your way around the city and communicating with other Immersion participants.
  • Can I use my credit card for everything?
    While many places accept cards, in Italy, cash is king, so it's best to always have Euro on you. Be sure to call your credit card company before you arrive to inform them to expect to see charges from Italy and any layover places you will be.
  • How can I get Euro?
    The best way to get Euro in Rome is by ATM. This way you'll get the rate of the day and pay no commission. Be sure to check with your bank first for any fees. Most banks don't have international transaction fees, but even if yours does, you'll still save more than paying the commission at a commercial money exchange. When looking for an ATM, Make sure you use an official bank ATM and not a commercial one. Note that exchange places at the airport typically charge very high fees.
  • How can we pray together?
    We invite you to pray for all participants, donors, board members, and staff of Truth & Beauty Project and pray our daily prayer with us:
  • What is the best way to prepare for my Rome Immersion?
    Pray for open heart to the work of the Holy Spirit and a spirit of expectation and adventure. Please also pray for your fellow participants, TBP benefactors, and organizers.
  • How do you choose themes for the Immersions?
    Each Immersion is unique. That’s because we specially tailor the Immersion for each group. Each day has a theme and we also pray with the daily scriptures, and so our itinerary and focus is informed by orienting our day to the liturgical influence that we hear in God’s Word. To create a custom Immersion, we work with each group to develop an overarching theme that fits your group perfectly.
  • What do participants find most challenging on an Immersion?
    The daily Immersion schedule is full and intense, so we recommend using the evenings for resting and digesting all of the insights, wisdom, and information you've taken in during the day.
  • Are participants active during the Immersions?
    Yes! We invite you to bring your curiosity and questions, and we design time for sharing and conversations in groups and over fabulous Italian meals.
  • What is FIAT?
    Specifically for Young Adult Immersion Fellows, FIAT is an acronym for Faithfulness In All Things. It is a personalized action plan that helps Young Adult Immersion Fellows continue to share and spread ways of intentional virtuous living, which they experience in Rome. It is shaped during the Fellows' time in Rome. Upon returning home, each Fellow is assigned a mentor, who will serve as a guide and coach (with a monthly, 30 minute call) in the development of the project. Click to read more about FIAT.
  • How do we prepare for life after a TBP Young Adult Immersion?
    The FIAT is a way to personalize and extend your TBP YA Rome Immersion experience and equip you with an action plan to share what you have gained with others in your community.
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