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A lived experience of faith and beauty in Rome   

How it works

Reach out and we'll create a 7 to 10-day Immersion for your group of six or more.


Be prepared to revel in the transformational power of art, beauty, scripture, leadership skills, talks from experts, fellowship, and fantastic Italian food. 

Your group might be a professional association, work colleagues, parish staff, friends, family, schools, priests, educational associations, etc.

All you have to do is start dreaming!



Watch Now
Deanne Miller, Co-Founder of SoulCore, shares what a TBP Immersion is like

What you'll receive

  • A Masterclass of Christian life shared through art, scripture, talks, expert speakers, reflections, life & leadership skills, and lots of great Italian food!

  • A week to transform your faith & life in the living laboratory of Rome

  • An engagement of body, mind and spirit 

  • Seeing the world around you in a fresh new way, as you learn how to unravel the symbolism and meaning of life's beauty

  • Customized lessons in the art of living a fully integrated Christian life

  • Seeing your life as what it truly is: a beautiful masterpiece waiting for you to design


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