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Technology & the Church; pros and cons?

Technology has been such a blessing during Lockdown! It's allowed us to have some contact with the outside world, to stay connected with family and friends, and to "attend" Mass.

And let's face it - an on-line Mass is really convenient! You get to choose your Mass time and you can see and hear everything that the priest is saying and doing.

So what happens when Lockdown ends? Will people start going back to Mass as before? And what about the extra ministries that priests have started, like on-line Bible studies, adoration, etc. Will that all go away?

To think about these questions, Fr. Edward Linton, the ICTE Director at the Pontifical North American College, invited us to be part of an interesting panel discussion along with priests from all different parts of the world and our friend Beccy in Switzerland.

The topic: What are the pros and cons of using technology in ministry?

Let us know what you think the pro and cons are of technology and Mass and ministry are.

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