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Sharing challenges of quarantine; interview

Updated: Jun 12, 2020

Marie Poza is an integrative nutrition and lifestyle specialist with a serious passion to help women and their families become the best version of themselves through health and wellness.

I was delighted when Marie asked me to be part of her global community-building initiative, Women Who Quarantine. This series features "the stories of women warriors from around the world doing their part to fight this deadly pandemic." 

Marie says, "When your mind and body feel amazing you are not only able to enjoy life to it's fullest, but also become unstoppable in reaching your biggest dreams!"

So very true!  ​

For this written interview, Marie aske me interesting questions like ...

What has been most challenging about being home?

What are you doing to keep balanced and motivated? 

Are there any healthy habits you’ve adopted?

How do you think this pandemic could be used to reshape Italy (society) for the good?

What is your favorite book you've read this week?

It was fun to think on these things. I hope you enjoy my story!

Click on the image below to see my answers ...

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