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Restaurants: closing or coping

There are so many restaurants on our street which haven’t reopened. Today, we walked into one business on our street and the owner was a bit upset. She said she’d just spoken to the landlord of her building and asked if she could have a reduction on the rent for a couple of months.

But the landlord told her it was all or nothing. It’s had to imagine that at this point, the landlord would rather have the renter close its doors. Who will be able to rent the space at this point?

Throughtout the city you see flyers hanging on the bolted doors of businesses that say that they cannot reopen under these conditions.

Many restauranteurs can’t open since to operate at 25% capacity means they can’t even pay their overhead.

One thing the city has done is to reduce fees for restaurants to use the sidewalk in front of their buildings for client seating.

One restaruant on our street has taken a new approach to get in more clientelle. They are paying the city to take over 2 parking spots on the street and have built a wooden floor to place tables.

Actually, we’ve never eaten at this restaurant although we affectionately call it “Air Conditioner.” When they just opened and before they had a sign with their name on it, we nicknamed the place after the words on their window, meant to bring in tourists, “air conditioner.”

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