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Mask fashion: Italian style never wanes

Updated: Jun 19, 2020

The Italians are fashionistas and you can count on it that even during COVID times, that isn’t going to change!

We’ve seen some great masks out there! I marveled at a woman in a matching leopard-skin fabric dress and mask and nearly blinded by the mask of a young lady who wore flashy gold sequins. Only the Italians can pull these off so "seamlessly."

And then there was the man in the red, white and green mask - the colors of the Italian flag! I complimented him on his patriotic mask and in turn, in perfect Italian patriotic fashion, he quickly offered to sell it to me for 25 Euro. Mind you, I later saw it on the street for 6 Euro!

But I think the prize has to go to this man. I mean, who can beat a zebra with pink hearts and camo?

Italian fashion never disappoints!

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