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And we're live! Singin' Alleluia!

Updated: Jun 11, 2020

It's not too often that even the word "Alleluia" doesn't seem to be enough to express our joy!  A live, public Sunday Mass was such a special gift for Ascension Sunday! And especially to be at the beautiful and meaningful church of Santa Spirito - the Holy Spirit - a week before Pentecost.   In this short clip, you can see that in the apse there's a beautiful and powerful Trinitarian depiction of Pentecost. It's a powerful reminder to follow the ancient apostolic practice (Acts 1, 14) of praying fervently to prepare for the coming down and in-filling of the Holy Spirit, nine days after the Ascension. 

Imagine, Peter and Paul would have done the same thing in the first century, right here in Rome. We participate in this 2,000 year old tradition with a spirit of continuity, as we prepare ourselves in a spirit of longing and ardent desire to be invigorateed with the power, gifts and fruits of the Holy Spirit this Pentecost.    After Mass, it was a treat to see and catch up with old friends after many months.  All wore their BEST Sunday masks, of course!!!!! 

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