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make your life a masterpiece

Programs in Rome to

Encounter the Truth & Beauty of Faith at its roots in Rome.

Discover practical skills for intentional Christian living and the pursuit of excellence.

Embrace your Christian identity with a joy that leads others to Christ.​

Learn about our Immersions


Custom-made Immersions 

For any group of 6 - 20 people

An exclusive experience designed for your group to renew faith, encounter beauty, and savor culture in Rome. A masterclass in Christian living seeing Rome with a new lens of Scripture, theology, art, and beauty, to help you find your place in God's story and live it with joy.  


Young Adult

Faith Immersions

For ages 18 - 30

Your faith & your life will never be the same after this week-long masterclass of Christian living in Rome. With talks and walks with art, scripture and liturgical living, plus spiritual guidance, and life & leadership skills.​

How will A TBP Immersion benefit you? 

Image by Ágatha Depiné

You'll engage in an exclusive, multidisciplinary experience that will: 

  • open your mind with walks and talks from experts on theology, philosophy, history, culture, and art

  • encounter a beauty that leads to a deeper understanding and intentionality of faith

  • allow your senses and whole self to flourish while learning about successful living, health, spirituality, and physical well-being

  • help you grow closer to the Lord with dedicated times for prayer, Sacraments

  • guide you to know yourself more deeply with optional individual spiritual direction

  • capture the transcendent in your daily life and never be the same


—  Name, Title

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"I am a Catholic leader who is always seeking to provide others with life giving and formative opportunities for growth and intimacy with Jesus and his Church. I know I also need these gifts to remain in relationship with God and to keep growing myself. That's why I chose to retreat away with the Truth & Beauty Project in Feb 2023. They are a trusted organization who has your good in mind and is well equipped to work in collaboration with the Holy Spirit to breathe life and newness into your life through all the senses and to extend the depth and richness that Rome and Holy Mother Church has to offer."

"Here, as part of The Truth & Beauty Project, I’m being immersed in the grace of God. It’s the art of learning from

letting go."


"The Truth & Beauty Project is a very special environment where the presence of the Holy Spirit is given ample space to work and inspire. In today's economically driven world, it is a gift to have this time in imitation and service of the Divine."




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