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Image by Christopher Czermak

Postcards from Rome

We invite you to join us on a virtual getaway to Rome. 

Each month we send The Scoop with "a Postcard from Rome" that goes straight to the inboxes of our subscribers. Here, you can enjoy our postcard collection and some of our favorite moments of

Truth & Beauty in the Eternal City.

GardenSong with Pope Benedict

Come into the private papal gardens with our Summer Immersion Fellows and share in a beautiful memory of Pope Benedict XVI.

Christmas Crechès at St. Peter's

Step into the colonnades of St. Peter's to visit the 100 Presepi display, nativity scenes from around Italy and the world. Reflecting different cultures with delightful creativity, the 100 Presepi inspire visitors to contemplate the beauty of the Nativity through art. 

Praying with the Saints

Come on a mini pilgrimage with us to pray with the Saints in Rome. Thanks to all who sent us their intentions and requests to visit first and second class relics that can be found here in the Eternal City, we have put together this short video to celebrate the beauty of praying together as a Christian community with our holy brothers and sisters in Heaven. We warmly invite you to pray with us, and to join the mission of the Truth & Beauty Project.

A hidden  GEM 

Join John & Ashley Noronha and uncover a little treasure Bernini hid in the Baldachino in St. Peter's Basilica. 

Lift High the Cross

First in a series called "Postcards from Rome," this short video was created by Rachael Johnson and the fellows of the The Truth & Beauty Project's 2022 Young Adult Immersion in Rome, Italy. We invite you on a prayerful tour of some Roman churches to meditate on the mystery of God's love for us poured out from the Holy Cross.

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