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Sweet Moments! A delicious wild-strawberry and cream "basket" from Pozzuoli

On Friday and Saturday nights the streets of the sleepy beach town of Pozzuoli, Italy come to life.

During one of our evening passeggiatas (strolls) through the charming town center, we came across a pastry shop that was clearly the talk of the town. People patiently waited in a long line, just to get in and place an order! So we had to know more. We went back the next day in the early evening, sure we'd beat the rush. And we quickly found out why there was always a line! I Dolci Momenti al Porto is an exquisite pastry shop!

We first tried their specialty called, "Via col Vento" - which means Gone with the Wind - it's a very light butter and sugar cookie, with hints of lemon and vanilla. They also make versions with cream or nutella (chocolate and hazelnut cream) on top.

But the second treat was our chart topper! We tried both of their "cestini dolci momenti" - "baskets of sweet moments" - one with wild strawberries and the other with cherries.

It has a light, crispy shell with the faint taste of honey. The cream inside is just right - not over sweet, but a sublime compliment to the fruits.

Even I, who don't usually enjoy sweets, was sold! So, the secret is to go before 7 pm and to enjoy some quiet "sweet moments."

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