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Quickly Locking down in Rome!

Life in the #Quarantine Zone: On our last Sunday walk we were so surprised to find Pamfili park full of people playing soccer, frisbee, enjoying picnics, strolling ... like any Sunday.

Although, things changed fast here.

By Tuesday, nearly everything was closed, although some cafes and businesses remained open, but were obliged to close by 6pm. Churches remained open for private prayer (but have since closed).

These two pics show people standing in line - all 1 meter apart - to enter a supermarket. The size of the building determines the number of people who can enter at a time ... so that inside they can always maintain a 1-meter distance! This is especially MIRACULOUS because for anyone who's ever been to Italy, you know well that Italians don't even know the meaning of a single file line! : )

Now, restrictions have tightened and they've asked that only 1 member of a household leave at a time for necessities/emergencies.

In my experience so far the Romans are being great about this - polite, patient and respectful.

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