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Don't be caught without asparagus!

Life in the Quarantine Zone: WARNING: PLEASE stock up on asparagus now while you still can. Or this might happen to you. Thousands of Italians on the streets of #Italy have been stopped by police to determine if they had "good reason" to be out.

If it's not for essentials (groceries, pharmacy, exercise, medical needs), they walk away with a fine. This weekend near Pisa, an elderly couple threw caution to the wind and rushed out of their house propelled only by their dire need for ... asparagus.

They hurried into the woods to hunt for the essential veggie (who can deny the health benefits?). But, the man, blinded by raging green passion, wandered off and got lost! Firefighters and dogs were called out to save the day.

After he was rescued, the couple was promptly handed a fat fine for failing to comply with the government decree. And most tragically, they had NO asparagus for dinner. I heard that they had to eat EGGPLANT. Please heed this warning from John and me who are living out in this Quarantine Zone and buy your asparagus now.

You'll thank us later. 

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