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Doing good during COVID19!

Let's live each day of Quarantine life to the fullest!

Last week on the "Lockdown Q&A" I spoke about "Making your Corner Brighter" and "Dream Partnering" and received lots of positive and excited feedback about these ideas! So I created an official website to encourage these positive trends!

I'm really excited to tell you that today I’m officially launching the Sparklers' Diaries!

This is a site to get inspiration and to give inspiration.

Here are the three main sections:

Brighter Corners - Make your own corner brighter and help others do the same! Here you can get all kinds of ideas of small but meaningful acts of kindness you can do from your own corner of quarantine!

Dream Partnering - Help to use quarantine as a time to reach the goals that you never seem to have time for. Dream Partnering uses the Pearson principle to partner people up with an accountability partner to encourage each other to reach that goal!

STORIES! These are real stories of real Sparklers out there! This is a place to get inspiration and light! Please, send us your stories and enjoy reading what people all over the world are doing during this difficult time.   

Please share and spread the word!!!!!

And most importantly …

Keep Sparkling!

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