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70% off a sea vacation house? Okay!

As Italy comes to life again after lockdown, I had the idea to check Airbnb rentals to see if there were any post-lockdown super-deals. Well, we hit the jackpot!

For the first time in our twelve years living in the Bel Paese, we vacationed like 'real Italians' and spent a month at the sea. Since I didn't grow up near the sea, I had only visited beaches for a few days, here and there. I didn't know what I'd do for en entire month at the ocean. It didn't take long to figure it out ...

Morning swims, walks, workouts, reading, exploring towns, lots of pilgrimages, evening swims, making new friends, strolling the boardwalk, enjoying delicious treats, writing, eating fresh-caught fish, watching sunsets.

Life by the sea was so healing! My motto for the month was, "It is well with my soul."

Here's my sea self-portrait:

Pozzuoli is about 30 km from Naples. It's rocky beaches aren't as saught after as the sandy ones, so it makes it a hidden gem. There is a regional and local train that passes through, so for carless folks like us, it's ideal. It's a 2.5 hour train ride from Rome, so it was also possible for John to go back and forth as needed.

I'm so excited to share the beauty and treasures of this part of Italy with you!

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