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Our Christian Roots in Rome

Ciao, European Fraternity! It's John and Ashley here and we're excited to take you on a special Roman adventure to discover your Christian roots in Rome! 

The sites below are not listed in any particular order. Feel free to visit them in any order you choose. 

There are two main areas where the sites are grouped: some in the Piazza Navona area and some in the St. John Lateran area. The ones in the St. John Lateran area have headings in red. Those near Piazza Navona have headings in green.  

These videos will be available all day Friday for you. 

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Watch this before you choose your first stop

St John Lateran area 

Santa Croce in Gerusallemme
Piazza di S. Croce in Gerusalemme
Open: 7 to 12.45 and 15.30 to 19.30

The church with the dirt of Calvary in its foundation. It's a great privilege to come so close in contact with objects of the Passion of Christ. 

St John Lateran area 

Scala Santa

Piazza di S. Giovanni in Laterano, 14

Open: 9 to 13 and 15 to 18

The very steps upon which the blood of Christ was shed.

St John Lateran area 

Cathedral of St. John Lateran
Piazza di S. Giovanni in Laterano, 4
Open: 7 to 18.30, no break

The church representing the transition from persecution to the freedom of Christians. It is the first official church to be built. Peter and Paul entered Rome through the gates next to the church

St John Lateran area 

Santa Maria Maggiore di Santa Maria Maggiore
Open: 7 to 18.30
, no break

A basilica containing pieces of the crib that once held Christ, reminding us of His precious incarnation. Enjoy the 5th-century mosaics telling the story of the patriarchs to Joshua. 

Piazza Navona area

Piazza Navona, Intro

The original circus of Emperor Domition and the site of the beginning of the systematic persecution of Christians for refusing to worship the Roman gods. Stay in the piazza since the next video is also in Piazza Navona. 

Piazza Navona area

Piazza Navona
Here you will explore the piazza in general and learn the historical significance of this place, where so many martyrs shed their blood under the Emperor Domitian in 81-96AD. Stay in the piazza since the next video is also in Piazza Navona. 

Piazza Navona area

Fountain of the Four Rivers
in the center of Piazza Navona

Theology extracted from Bernini's masterpiece, the Fountain of the Four Rivers.  

Piazza Navona area

Santa Maria dell'Anima
Via di Santa Maria dell'Anima, 64
Open: 9 to 12.45 and 15 to 19

(Text & photos only, no video) This, the German national church in Rome, contains a part of the remains of Blessed Karl I, Emperor of Austria and other Habsburg family members. For more than 600 years, this church has been the bridge between German-speaking worshipers and Rome, the city of St. Peter. This institution has been supported for centuries by Habsburg emperors. Currently, priests from 10 different countries live here. This church was built between 1500 and 1523, but originally on this spot was a hospice founded by a couple from the Netherlands. It also contains the tomb of Pope Adrian VI who was born in 1459 in Utrecht. When you are facing the altar, the remains of the Habsburgs can be found in the first chapel to the right, under the pieta. Josef Ratzinger (later Pope Benedict XVI) once lived here too and celebrated daily Mass here. For German speakers, click here for more details on the German Institute and the church.   


Piazza Navona area

Church of Sant 'Agostino
Piazza di S. Agostino
Open: 7 to 12 and 16 to 19:30

Featuring great Renaissance and Baroque treasures by Caravaggio and Rafael. A church dedicated to women and mothers, as St. Monica, the mother of the great Saint Augustine, is entombed here.

As a special treat, today is her feast day - 27 August. - and tomorrow is her son's, St. Augustine's feast day. 


Our Lady of the Pilgrims by Caravaggio - 1606.

First chapel on the left


Prophet Isaiah by Raphael, 1512.

Middle of the nave - left

St Agostino altar.jpg

Tabernacle and high altar by Bernini with Icon from the Hagia Sophia

Piazza Navona area

San Luigi dei Francesi (Part 1 of 2)
Piazza di S. Luigi dei Francesi
Open: 10 to 12:45 and 14.30 to 18.30

This is the French national church in Rome and contains three moving masterpieces by Caravaggio. Here, you can become a "TSI agent" to analyse them. 

Piazza Navona area

San Luigi dei Francesi (Part 2 of 2)
Piazza di S. Luigi dei Francesi
Open: 10 to 12:45
 and 14.30 to 18.30

Remain in the same church for part two and insights into these masterpieces. 

Piazza Navona area

The Pantheon 
Piazza della Rotonda
Open: 8.30 to 19

This church is an architectural, historic, and spiritual marvel of history and engineering. The video shares a unique tradition that happens here once a year. 

With heartfelt thanks!

Many thanks to the amazing Beyer family - John, Jessica and Baby Thérèse - for their dedication, help, collaboration, and sleepless nights to help make these videos in time for you!

Contact Jessica with any animation or graphic design needs for your apostolate!

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