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A Roman Market tries Italian-style Social Distancing

Updated: 5 days ago

By John & Ashley Noronha

Ciao! We're expats living far from the countries of our birth - the USA and India. Somehow we have found ourselves right in the middle, in Italy.

We married in 2008 and moved straight to Rome. Since we’re so far away from friends and family, so many people have asked us to share the adventures of Our Crazy Rome Life.

Well, to say the least, there’s certainly never a dull moment where Italians are concerned!

For example, you’d think that a trip to the market would be relatively uneventful. Not a chance!

When we arrived at one of our favorite covered markets today, we saw that “corona” markings were made on the sidewalk in front of the entrance, so people would know where to stand to wait in line to enter.

We watched as the Italians looked at the markings, paused, perhaps considered what to do, and chose to promptly ignore them and walk right into the crowded market.

Once inside, people sort of-kinda moved aside-ish for others to pass … sometimes. 

We were wowed by lemons as big as our heads and delighted that we were able to purchase 2 kilograms of wild strawberries for a total of 1.50 Euro! There are about 27,000 acres of land dedicated to strawberries in Italy, with about a third of the production in the south.Italian farmers yield about 200 thousand tons of strawberries per year! Our favs come from Nemi, where the volcanic ground gives the strawberries, a distinctive, mineral-rich taste.   

Now, two kili are a lot of strawberries. So, to make sure they don’t go bad, we’re going to make strawberry honey! It’s as simple as using our immersion blender and mixing the pulp and then combining it with raw honey. The trick is to make sure the berries are dry before mixing, so that spoilage isn’t introduced by the water.

We’ll let you know how it turns out!

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