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The Power Of Silence

Updated: 7 days ago

By Truth & Beauty Project Fellows

Dear Mind,

Today, I challenge you to sit in silence.

I’m not saying for the entire day, nor even for an entire hour. I’m challenging you to a mere five minutes of silence.

Go, find a place that inspires you, and simply sit.

This place can be anywhere from your church to your back porch to even your bed. We creatives draw inspiration from anything and everything, but we all know we have one spot that, for some inexplicable reason, just sets our imaginations on fire. This is the spot I want you to go to today and spend just five minutes of your time sitting in silence at.

I have only one rule for you: no phones.


Take this time to detach for a brief moment from the constant stimulation technology brings us. Don’t worry, your fans can wait five minutes to hear from you and you have at least ten minutes before your mom starts to think you’ve been kidnapped. Life does not happen in an Instagram caption or a Snapchat video, life happens in the moments outside social media. Take the five minutes to embrace this.

As you sit, watch your surroundings. The people, the sights, the smells, sit and soak them all in. You get caught up all too often in the rush of life and forget to truly see what you are looking at.

Well, today you are going to treat yourself to a little pause amidst the rush.

Sit and truly look at every minute detail of your place of inspiration. If you chose a public place, watch how the people interact with each other. Look for how love is communicated through authentic human connection. If you chose a private place, let your eye follow the twists and turns of your surroundings. Look for how beauty is brought to life through even the simplest shapes.

Wherever you chose to spend these five minutes, look past the surface and see what really is going on around you.

If you feel yourself starting to wander, follow. The point of these five minutes is to allow yourself the breathing room to let inspiration in, so don’t be afraid to follow where this inspiration takes you.

There is a whole world of beauty just waiting for you to notice it!

So, today dear Mind I challenge you to sit in silence. You never know what you will hear.

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