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8 Ways To Tell Yourself 'I Love You'

Updated: 7 days ago

By Truth & Beauty Project Fellows

Dear Heart,

One of your favorite phrases is ‘I love you’. I know this because you’re constantly using it with your friends, family, even food. But how often do you take the time to tell yourself 'I love you?'

Here are eight simple ways to tell yourself I love you.

1. Give Yourself a Mirror Pep Talk

That’s right, go find a mirror, stare yourself straight in the eye, and tell yourself all the reasons why you think you’re great. This can range from ‘hey I like your sleeves’ (Napoleon Dynamite anyone?) to ‘you are such a loyal friend’. You can list hundreds of reasons, or you can simply list just one. Whatever you do, make sure you know how awesome you are!

2. Cook Your Favorite Comfort Food

Whether it’s mom’s apple pie or spring rolls or cow tongue, we all have that one dish that instantly makes us feel better. So treat yourself tonight, cook your favorite comfort food, and remember calories don’t count!

3. Practice Saying No

Show yourself some respect and say no to the things in life that you know don’t uplift you. You know when something isn’t good for you, and you should never be afraid to say no to it.

4. Give Yourself a Social Media Free Day

Give yourself a break from the constant comparisons that social media breeds and spend the day instead enjoying your real world. Go click ‘like’ on your life!

5. Get Those Creative Juices Flowing

Set aside a whole hour (yikes! that’s a lot time, but seriously you deserve it) to devote to whatever your craft is. From painting to writing to pasta necklace making, give yourself the time to flex those creative muscles.

6. Clear Your Space Out

You know that pile of papers on your desk that just keeps growing? Sort through it! Take the time to declutter your space, clean it up, and make it that refuge you need.

7. Wear Your Fav Outfit

It doesn’t matter if it’s a Tuesday, wear those sassy heels that make you feel like a million bucks! Or if a flannel and ripped jeans are more your speed, embrace the comfort. Either way, wear that one outfit that you are guaranteed to feel beautiful in.

8. Plan a Date Night For YOU

Saving the best for last, take yourself on a date. Cook yourself dinner, light some candles, turn on some Sinatra and spend the night dancing around the kitchen in your favorite fuzzy socks. Go out of your way for you, you know better than anyone else what makes you happy!

So, dear Heart, here are just a few ways I can tell you just how much I love you. Because honestly, I really do.

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