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Come & See.


Explore Rome with John & Ashley and experience an up-close and intimate journey through bella Roma. They're highly qualified and experienced professors who combine Church history, Roman history, and sacred art expertise with theology and scripture to reveal real Rome, so you'll never forget your time in the Eternal City. A multi-media on-line experience is also coming soon. 

Media Training, Crisis Communications, Public Speaking & Conflict Resolution.


Click below for speaking engagements or coaching sessions with Ashley. Coming soon: Crisis Communication & Conflict Resolution training for every seminarian in the world. Every future priest can soon have the chance to be prepared to enter into coming crisis in the Church through Ashley's in-depth video training, sent via worldwide distribution.   

Sacred Art and Theology talks & lectures.


For those who can't come to Rome, John travels and shares the beauty and theology of Rome with groups and institutions around the world.   

Collar to Collar Podcast.


A ministry of fraternity, where priests share their best practices with other priests. Brother priests help each other thrive in the age of the new evangelization by sharing templates for successful initiatives and solutions, thus eliminating the communication gap that leaves priests on their own to reinvent the wheel when issues come up and instead helps them implement winning evangelization strategies! Stay tuned!