Lessons from us to you

With love from Rome!

Don’t be closed minded and miss the joys of life and let Truth pass you by. Be open to new things that are good for you. You’ll know it’s good for you when something else good comes out of it and it benefits not only you, but impacts others around you in a positive way.



Teamwork is important because one person can’t know everything and often, what they do know, someone else has a different take on. Be open to hearing others’ opinions and criticisms.



Everything has a symbolic meaning in Rome and there’s so much history that it makes you wonder about where your life fits into the story. We should all strive to add something beautiful to the story.



I’ve learned to appreciate the process of planning for a creative project, because typically I wing it, but I’m appreciating the structure of the program and the accountability of having collaborators to explain my own thoughts to. It’s the art of learning from letting go.



Even the smallest artistic details in Rome have meanings and that’s so inspiring as a filmmaker, because it gives meaning to my art. Because if art is fraught of meaning, it’s arbitrary. During these past weeks the Holy Spirit has been guiding me to see my art in a new light, and has brought me to the point to ensure that when I create art, every frame of the film, every pixel of the picture, points to something that’s greater. If Michelangelo, Bernini and Borromini can put a meaning into an inch of their Masterpieces, then I can do the same with my art. Make every inch count.



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