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I’m a morning person. I like to get up early and have my coffee before the rush of the day. In the silence. Even as a communications professional who needs to know the news of the day, I wait before I dive into the overnight happenings and my devices. I try to feel the Lord’s presence in my life and say my morning offering. And just sit with Him. As my sister says, “What’ll it be today Lord?” We need to give ourselves time to hear his answers.

The Christmas season provides an opportune time to do this. We can sit in front of the Nativity scene and just be with Him.  


And who is this “Him”?

“That little babe, so born, so placed, is none other than the Creator of heaven and earth, the Eternal Son of God,” said Blessed John Henry Newman in his Sermon “Hidden from the World”.


Perhaps you are not a morning person, but you can find time to just be with Him and sit in front of the creche. My grandmother had a prayer she would teach us “Sweet infant Jesus of Bethlehem come and take birth in our hearts.” It’s an evergreen petition that can help us live Christmas in our hearts all year long.


During this holy season, find some time to sit in front of the Nativity scene, the presepio alone, in the silence. And see what happens. Feel free to share your experience with us below!



Merry Christmas from Rome,