Gratitude & Thanksgiving

"Humility is the loving, giving soil where gratitude is grown...thanksgiving is gratitude in action."

Cardinal James Harvey

Thanksgiving homily 2017

Pontifical North American College, Rome


Our logo reveals the age-old mystery of sacred art: truths are both readily perceptible and hidden at the same time.


Lots of elbow grease went into this baby. "In the beginning" ... it was "formless and void." We wondered, how do we describe ourselves? Where do we begin? The brainstorming began and with five artists in one room, lots of ideas quickly flew around. Suddenly, we realized we had so...

By Truth & Beauty Fellow, Alexandria Vasquez


Original artwork by Truth & Beauty Fellow, Marriann Galang

The beauty about modern calligraphy is that it takes a simple word or sentence and presents it in a way that gently draws the eye. As a result, people read your message - maybe a message they would have never otherwise bothered to read - simply because it's beautiful. The secret is that if you combine beautiful words into beautiful visual creations, it adds layers of meaning in terms of the color, technique and shapes. Modern calligraphy subtely draws in the viewer and adds more words to the "1,000 words" a picture is worth.


From Truth & Beauty Fellow, Jenny Beraun

I see beauty everywhere I turn in Rome. It lifts me up and I try to then share that through my words and my daily work. 


How do you share beauty in your world? 


How has beauty touched you?


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Each week I share stories about what it's like to live in this beautiful city. 


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From Truth & Beauty Founder, 

Ashley Noronha

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