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How we're changing the culture &

how you can help us do it...

$5,000     Help change the cultural conversation by becoming the patron of one Truth                  & Beauty Project artist. Allow this artist to experience life-changing                                  spiritual, human, intellectual and pastoral formation in Rome and to learn                      how to use their gifts to uplift the culture.  

$30,000    Annual goal for the Angelico scholarship program, which allows artists in financial                   need from all over the world to receive fully-integrated formation.

$150,000  Formation costs to make the Project possible to run continuously for an entire                         year. Help create an art legacy that resonates for generations by running more                         modules and forming more modern-day Michelangelo's who uplift,                                           heal, and change the culture.  

$500,000 Get Crisis Communication & Conflict Resolution training to every seminarian in                      the world! Every priest and future priest can have the chance to prepare to                              enter into coming crisis in the Church through Ashley's in-depth video training,                        similar to what she teaches in Rome, sent via a worldwide distribution process. 

$15,000   Sponsor "Collar to Collar," a podcast for priests, by priests. Priests share their                          best administrative and pastoral practices with brother priests around the world.                    No priest should have to recreate the wheel again. A solution to meet the priest                    shortage, to build fraternity and to encourage the Church to grow

$600,000 Share the faith by sharing real Rome! Put John & Ashley's tours in digital format                      so more and more people can access the Noronha's teaching and more and                            more minds and hearts can be moved by Eternal Truths shared                                                  through sacred art. 

$1,000,000 Sponsor a permanent home for the Truth & Beauty Project in the shadow of St.                    Peter's Basilica in Rome, which allows the Project to run throughout the year and                    to touch more and more and more people.  

Your donation can help make our future plans come to life:

  • To offer formation to multiple artists, year-round 

  • To offer Angelico Scholarships for participating artists in financial need

  • To uplift the entertainment world by running special modules for video game developers, screenwriters and musicians

  • To offer sabbatical experiences in Rome to international artists of various mediums

  • To create a program to teach Truth and Beauty to children through art 

  • To conduct global webinars for artists to learn from the Truth & Beauty Project formation

Click here for the DONATE page. 

We're a US registered non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, EIN 26-1229993.

You can become a Patron with your tax-deductible gift.

Thank you for supporting the Truth & Beauty Project!

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