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Before applying...

• Read the Letter to Artists by  Pope St. John Paul II 

• Read The 5 Benefits of Community

• Prayerfully discern if you are being called to become a Truth & Beauty Project Fellow. It's a life-long commitment. 


• Live in a spirit of receiving 

• Live in a spirit of giving

• Live in a spirit of creativity


• Live in a spirit of generosity


• Live in a spirit of contemplation  


• Live in a spirit of openness to growth in holiness


• Live in a spirit of glorifying God through your work with the Truth & Beauty Project and beyond  


•  Make The Truth & Beauty Project promise

•  Create your "Pay It Forward Project" - a personal plan to keep the Truth & Beauty Project mentality alive when you return home. For example, engage your Truth & Beauty Project spirit of generosity to teach kids your skills, give talks, mentor someone, create a local art exhibit, sponsor a monthly discussion of artistic themes at a local coffee shop. The possibilities are as endless as your creativity.

• Continue to share Truth, Beauty & Goodness as you strive to grow in holiness

• Utilize the Truth & Beauty Project Media Kit to share the Project's good work with others


• Share the news of the Truth & Beauty Project with creatives

• Share the news of the Truth & Beauty Project with potential patrons


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