Meet our new Fellows!


San Francisco, California
Website & SEO Director & Podcast Co-Director, 2018

Digital Marketing is my thing! Anything from Project Management, SEO, SEM, to Paid Social Ads and I’ve managed media for a radio personality, non-profit organizations and showcased various businesses too.


I hope that one day the Truth & Beauty Project can touch every digital artist seeking Truth! The Project is such a blessing to me because not only do we create beautiful art, but we also live right in this amazing work of art that is Rome, Italy!


I love Jesus, dogs, and pizza and am a proud grad of John Paul the Great Catholic University.


Los Angeles, California
Video Co-Director, 2018

I’m a Mexican-American filmmaker based in Los Angeles, California. My love for film and passion for the Truth seep through the stories I create. These stories are often influenced by my own experiences, my Hispanic heritage, and the lives of everyday people. I hope to tell honest and resonant stories and bring attention to both the beauty and suffering that lie within the experiences of all of us.


I graduated from John Paul the Great Catholic University, where I had the privilege of studying both Theology and film production under professors such as Dr. Michael Barber and Christopher Riley. I also had the opportunity to write and direct my own short film, La Oportunidad, which follows the story of a Mexican mail-carrier mother learning to accept her daughter’s dream of attending a university. This made me the first Director to produce a foreign language film at the institution.


I’ve worked on countless projects as Director, Cinematographer, Writer, Editor, Set Photographer, and more and am so happy to share my skills with The Truth & Beauty Project as a videographer, photographer, screenwriter, and editor.  

By the way, my film, La Oportunidad, was shown this month at the 168 Film Festival in LA!


Saskatchewan, Canada
Video Co-Director, 2018

Since the age of 10 I’ve been captivated by creating visuals. It began when I randomly downloaded a free 3D animation software off of the internet. At first I was confused by the plethora of buttons and settings within the software, but even this didn’t deter me. Actually, the complexity drew me in. After hours of watching Youtube tutorials, I figured out how to model basic characters and logos. For the next year or so I’d spend as much time as possible creating new worlds within the computer.


This early exposure to an artistic outlet has grown into the skills I have today. I now actively produce photography, videography, and motion graphics design. My interest in these fields has led me to Rome, an epicenter for inspiration. Here, as part of The Truth & Beauty Project, I’m developing my skills while also being immersed in the grace of God.


In the shadow of buildings designed by the great Bernini, and under Michelangelo's captivating displays of religious art, I’m inspired to create. From this inspiration I will cultivate and manifest true beauty that will hopefully touch the souls of many people.

As Director of Social Media I want to share the values of The Truth & Beauty Project to help make everyone’s lives a masterpiece!


I’m a photographer, videographer, and social media marketer and am using my skills to help spread the Good produced by the Project through our social media posts, while also bringing light and attention to this beautiful Project.


The media we create captures the vibrance and joys of life in Rome, while bringing together the legacy of the great Master and all that He’s created for us. I want to capture the journey the Project takes each of us on, helping us grow spiritually, personally, and creatively.


I also want to show how each of us takes advantage of this amazing opportunity to live and create masterpieces of our lives in this beautiful city, while leaving our unique marks.


I feel so blessed to be here and I can’t wait to continue along this journey!

Ciao! You can call me Elizabeth, Liz, Lizzie … I love doing digital art -- especially in Photoshop -- and also the feel of putting a pencil directly to paper and paint to canvas.


Two of my other loves are marketing and writing (technical and creative). In my work in various creative settings, I’ve seen a lot of talented people with great ideas who struggle to get their messages out. I want to use my marketing knowledge to fix that.


I’ve always wanted to use my talents for a higher purpose. The Project is growing my personal and professional skills and teaching me how to use my skills to better the culture, even after the Project is over.


Being around other creative people (in Rome!) is incredibly inspiring. The people I’m meeting and the connections I’m making as a BVP Fellow are opening pathways for me, so I can keep spreading the message of Truth, Beauty, and Goodness!


Tampa, Florida
Social Media Director & Podcast Co-Director, 2018


Nottingham, Pennsylvania
Director of Marketing, 2018

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